Pantaleão Sociedade de Advogados originated from a fusion of the academic background and professional experience of its founder, Leonardo Pantaleão. Since it´s organization, Pantaleão Sociedade de Advogados has grown to become a law firm employing a staff of more than 10 professionals. It´s Partners and Of Counsel, complemented by a staff of associate lawyers, law students, paralegals and administrative employees, have a vast experience in dealing with a wide variety of  Criminal, Civil and Business Law practice areas. 

Pantaleão Sociedade de Advogados is client-oriented and committed to serving the multiple needs of its clients.  Its ultimate mission is to provide its clients with efficient, competent, personalized, timely and creative legal services.  To fulfill this mission, Pantaleão Sociedade de Advogados is committed to investing in training its professional and administrative staff and in continually updating its equipment and facilities.

Pantaleão Sociedade de Advogados’ offices are located in the heart of one of São Paulo’s most important business districts, with easy access from any part of the city.  A specialized library and Internet access provide its attorneys with constantly updated materials, enabling them to keep pace with the ever-changing Brazilian legislation and the most recent court decisions.  All systems are computerized and the office possesses advanced hardware, software and communication systems.  As a result, it is able to transmit information anywhere in the world via facsimile or over the Internet, thereby meeting clients' needs for timely and reliable information.

Pantaleão Sociedade de Advogados has the capability of communicating with its clients in Portuguese, English and Spanish.